Escape Artists - Halifax, Nova Scotia - The Games - The Syndicate Hideout

For the past 9 months you have been part of an elite undercover operation to bring down the infamous Mancini Crime Family. Headed by “Papa” Sam Mancini, the Mancinis have wreaked havoc over Chicago for decades.The Mancinis have been notorious for the importing and exporting of illegal goods. However, you quickly realized that their hands were far dirtier than you expected.

Embezzlement. Political bribery. Murders.

As you and your team delved further into the Mancini operation, the line between reality and your new covert position became increasingly blurred. But suddenly, you have a major breakthrough.Finally, it was discovered that a wealth of the Mancini’s top secret information is being kept at a small hideout in a building on the Lower South side. The secret personal office of Papa which would certainly contain enough evidence to put away the entire Mancini family.

You and your team have successfully gained the trust of the Mancinis and now considered part of the family. Whilst Papa and some of his associates are in Lake Forest on ‘business’, he leaves you and your team in charge.Upon arrival at the hideout, everything seemed to be going to plan and you begin to collate vital pieces of evidence. However, it becomes apparent that one of the officers on your team has been brainwashed.

The traitor sets you up – slamming and locking the door from the outside. You hear him contact Papa and blows you and your entire team’s cover. You overhear that the Mancinis are now returning to deal with you and will be arriving back at the hideout in one hour.

Time is of the essence. You have exactly one hour to obtain the crucial evidence against the family and find a way out of the Syndicate Hideout before they return. Will your team escape? Or will you sleep with the fishes?

Escape Rate
60 Mins